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    • Trijicon MRO Impressions
      Trijicon MRO Impressions
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      The proof of the pudding is in the eating, but sometimes the list of ingredients is worth looking at too. I took a closer look at what Trijicon did with their MRO to get a better feel for why they did it.

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    • Caring for your LOKGrips
      Caring for your LOKGrips
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      Over time, G10 may become dirty or appear "faded." Do not be alarmed, they simply need to be cleaned and oiled.

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    • Glock 43X and 48 Improvements
      Glock 43X and 48 Improvements
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      Glock pistols tend to be conservative in design, and the Slimline series is no exception. But the aftermarket offers an unbelievable range of options.

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    • Keeping up with the Micro-9's
      Keeping up with the Micro-9's
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      Glock has its work cut out to keep up with double-stack micro pistols from Springfield and Sig. But all is not lost.

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    • Book Review - Parenting Champions
      Book Review - Parenting Champions
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      Olympic shooting champion Lanny Bassham followed his famous With Winning in Mind with Parenting Champions. Despite the title, I found the book applicable to everybody.

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    • Glock 43X and Glock 48 Review
      Glock 43X and Glock 48 Review
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      In part one of our three part series on the Slimline Glocks, Nigel Hulleman compared the Glock 43X and Glock 48, and the result was not what he expected.

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    • Eemann Ultimate Trigger Review
      Eemann Ultimate Trigger Review
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      Vindicated. That's how I felt when Eemann followed up their flat SA/DA trigger with a curved version ... and called it the Ultimate trigger.

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    • Handgun zero distance
      Handgun zero distance
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      Whenever I think about ballistics at handgun distances - usually when helping people with sight calculations - I think in terms of straight lines. Not because I don't understand the math, but because making the right simplifications can help us see the forest for the trees.

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    • Vortex Venom vs Viper
      Vortex Venom vs Viper
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      You may find it suprising that we sell three comparable Vortex Venoms for every Viper. I found it suprising that it wasn't more - The Venom is after all more of an all-rounder than the Viper. But our review shows that there is a good reason for the Viper's existence.

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    • First Impressions - Ghost Hydra
      First Impressions - Ghost Hydra
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      Ghost International launched its new Hydra competition holster in May and, three weeks later, I had mine completely stripped on my workbench. I didn't plan to strip it, I just wondered about this. Then that. Then it was all nuts-and-bolts.

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    • The Eleventh Law of Systems Thinking
      The Eleventh Law of Systems Thinking
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      The undecided majority is tired of the blame game. They want to know how we are helping to make the system better.

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    • The Ninth Law of Systems Thinking
      The Ninth Law of Systems Thinking
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      Some countries have relaxed gun laws and little violent crime. Other countries banned guns and are left at the mercy of cartels.

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