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    Range reviews

    Range reviews

    Jizni's own reviews of selected products

    • Carbine conversions for new shooters
      Carbine conversions for new shooters
      1581 Views Liked

      Video game designers live by the credo of "easy to learn but difficult to master." In the real world, the first step is often so difficult that we lose potential participants after the first outing. Carbine conversions allow new shooters a better first experience of practical shooting sports.

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    • Ghost The One Evo is a step up
      Ghost The One Evo is a step up
      1434 Views Liked

      Upgrading from a kydex-body holster to a speed holster, I found the setup and transition to a Ghost One competition holster to be quick and easy.

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    • First impressions - Competition trigger bar spring for CZ Shadow
      First impressions - Competition trigger bar spring for CZ Shadow
      2710 Views Liked

      My recent Facebook post about the new Eemann Tech competition trigger bar spring caused some serious discussions as to its applicability. Was it an answer to a question to nobody asked? So I decided to move forward my planned installed of this spring in my SP-01 Shadow for some first impressions.

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    • First impressions - Mepro Hyper-Bright sights
      First impressions - Mepro Hyper-Bright sights
      3577 Views Liked

      We compare the new Mepro Hyper-Bright day-and-night sights to the competition.

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    • First Impressions - Ghost Hydra
      First Impressions - Ghost Hydra
      2375 Views Liked

      Ghost International launched its new Hydra competition holster in May and, three weeks later, I had mine completely stripped on my workbench. I didn't plan to strip it, I just wondered about this. Then that. Then it was all nuts-and-bolts.

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    • Vortex Venom vs Viper
      Vortex Venom vs Viper
      1907 Views Liked

      You may find it suprising that we sell three comparable Vortex Venoms for every Viper. I found it suprising that it wasn't more - The Venom is after all more of an all-rounder than the Viper. But our review shows that there is a good reason for the Viper's existence.

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    • Eemann Ultimate Trigger Review
      Eemann Ultimate Trigger Review
      3099 Views Liked

      Vindicated. That's how I felt when Eemann followed up their flat SA/DA trigger with a curved version ... and called it the Ultimate trigger.

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    • Glock 43X and Glock 48 Review
      Glock 43X and Glock 48 Review
      3203 Views Liked

      Guest writer Nigel Hulleman is one of the founding members and a contributor to Sport Shooter Magazine. In part one of our three part series on the Slimline Glocks, Nigel compared the Glock 43X and Glock 48, and the result was not what he expected.

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    • Trijicon MRO Impressions
      Trijicon MRO Impressions
      1586 Views Liked

      The proof of the pudding is in the eating, but sometimes the list of ingredients is worth looking at too. I took a closer look at what Trijicon did with their MRO to get a better feel for why they did it.

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    • Glock Performance Trigger Review
      Glock Performance Trigger Review
      1118 Views Liked

      Garrett Evans is a South African IPSC champion, Glock representative and owner of DVC. He shares his exploration of the new Glock Performance Trigger with us.

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    • Ghost Hybrid Rig Review
      Ghost Hybrid Rig Review
      830 Views Liked

      Part of your competition shooting journey is trying out different setups to see what works, and what does not work for you. Waldo tried the Ghost Hybrid Holster and Hybrid Magazine Pouch and found it a combination to start off your competition journey.

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    • Trijicon RMR HD (not so) Range Review
      Trijicon RMR HD (not so) Range Review
      760 Views Liked

      According to Trijicon, their new RMR HD was specifically designed for Law Enforcement and Military. Apart from some obvious benefits like new reticle options, it includes a forward-facing light sensor. This really struck a chord with me, so rather than taking one to the range, we mounted it on a blue gun and tested it in some real-world environments.

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