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    Technical discussions about gear, standard and performance parts.

    • Extended magazines
      Extended magazines
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      More rounds equal more fun on the range or more time in the fight on the streets. Until something goes wrong. Choose wisely.

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    • Astigmatism and dots
      Astigmatism and dots
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      If your dot is not perfectly round, the problem is probably not with the optic. Sorry.

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    • Red dot basics
      Red dot basics
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      Optic sights on handguns are experiencing a boom since sporting bodies started creating divisions for it. We sort through the issues to give you some guidance of what to look for.

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    • P-10 on the rise
      P-10 on the rise
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      We are noticing a strong push by manufacturers to develop accessories for the P-10 series.

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    • Carry basics
      Carry basics
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      Too many people go unarmed because they gave up on carrying their self-defense firearm. We share the basics of how carry with comfort and confidence.

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    • The Evolution of IPSC Production Division Pistols
      The Evolution of IPSC Production Division Pistols
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      I have always believed that our sport is about more than an off Saturday. We learn lessons and test ideas that we can implement in everyday life. The history if IPSC Production Division (like 'Production Divisions' in motorsport and a lot of other arenas) teaches us a lot about how complex systems adapt to artificial limitations.

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    • Spotlight on Local Manufacturers
      Spotlight on Local Manufacturers
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      In times like these, we need to support each other. South Africa has a small, but growing industry of firearm accessory manufacturers.

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    • Focus on Glock Gen5
      Focus on Glock Gen5
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      Three years after the introduction of the Gen5, we are still excited to see new Gen5 accessories being released.

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    • Sight Basics
      Sight Basics
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      In the fight of your life, your ability to pick up your sights fast and effortlessly will allow you to focus on the dynamic aspects of the confrontation. I discuss the different sight types and their applications.

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    • Focus on Glock 19X
      Focus on Glock 19X
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      The Glock 19X has some unique features that are worth exploring a bit.

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    • First impressions - Competition trigger bar spring for CZ Shadow
      First impressions - Competition trigger bar spring for CZ Shadow
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      My recent Facebook post about the new Eemann Tech competition trigger bar spring caused some serious discussions as to its applicability. Was it an answer to a question to nobody asked? So I decided to move forward my planned installed of this spring in my SP-01 Shadow for some first impressions.

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