Correct items - check.

    • Some products are available in different variants (colour, left/right hand, pistol variant.) Please take particular notice of these, and make sure that you've selected the correct variant.
    • If you have questions about a product, please do so before placing the order. We fill orders quite fast, so messages sent simultaneously with orders are sometimes overlooked. Items are sent as they appear on the invoice
    • We do try and do a "sanity check" that the items ordered make sense as a package, but since people often order for more than one pistol at a time it does not always make sense.


    Shipping method - check.

    • Parcels are sent via the shipping method as indicated on the invoice. Instructions in comment fields can be overlooked.
    • Parcels are sent to the shipping address as indicated on the invoice. Instructions in comment fields can be overlooked
    • If you wish to nominate a different address, please create a new one in your profile. Addresses in comment fields can be overlooked.
    • Couriers cannot deliver to a Post Office address. Parcels with PO Box addresses will be put on hold until we can obtain a new address.
    • If you enter your local PostNet as the address, we send it via Postnet-to-Postnet. This works very well if your normal address is problematic. You don't need an account with them, and you don't need to make prior arrangements with them.


    Delivery expectations - check

    • We quote a delivery time of 1-4 days, because that's what experience has taught us to expect. Things happen.
    • Of course, it is usually shorter, but we need the buffer. Both for ourselves and for the couriers, as the first and last legs of the journey are often the most challenging.
    • If you plan on a shorter time, or you believe the courier's promises, you do so at your own risk.


    Collection expectations - check
    • Thank you for placing your collection order online. It allows us to get the order ready and check that everything is in place before you arrive. Please allow us a bit of time to do that.
    • Our warehouse is located in Riversands Outlet Park on the outskirts of Fourways, 10km from the William Nichol offramp.
    • Parcels can, unfortunately, be collected only by appointment. We will contact you to arrange a time as soon as your parcel is ready for collection.
    • Due to co-ordination problems with couriers, we don't accept third-party couriers collecting parcels anymore. Family, friends, even your company driver are all acceptable options, but not third-party companies. Our processes are streamlined to fit into the schedule of our contracted couriers.


    Special delivery instructions - check

    • We send all parcels discreetly packaged in plain packaging without declaring the content.
    • If you have any special delivery instructions, please enter them in the "Other" field when you register the address. That will not only ensure that we take note of it but save you from having to retype it with your next order.
    • The "Comments" field when placing an order gets separated from the order, so might be missed when the order is prepared.


    Proof of payment - check

    • Please use the nine-letter reference code when making EFT payments. It not only helps us with reconciling, but it prevents your payment from slipping our attention.
    • Sending proof of payment to the address supplied with our banking details will ensure that your e-mail gets a high priority, rather than end up between the general inquiry e-mail.


    All systems go!

    • You will receive an automated e-mail with tracking number when the parcel is prepared for shipping.
    • You will receive an automated e-mail when the order is handed over to the couriers.
    • Please refer to our full Terms and Conditions or other information pages for more information.


    Forgotten something? - combine with your unshipped order

    • You know the story - you've just completed your order and now you notice something else that you need.
    • We know the story too. Very well. As long as your previous order hasn't been shipped, we can add to it. Just place a new order and choose the "collect" option. We should notice the additional order, but letting us know would help.
    • Cut-off times are usually around lunch, so if it is getting late in the day you might want to phone to check telephonically.