Performance parts (Shadow 2)

    Performance parts (Shadow 2)

    The Shadow 2 shares some parts with the SP-01, but not all.

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    • Recoil management...

      Matching the recoil spring setup to your ammunition can reduce felt recoil to improve accuracy and speed.

    • Trigger weight (Shadow 2)

      Softer springs reduce trigger weight.

      A very soft hammer spring may require a softer firing pin spring or extended firing pin to maintain reliability.

    • Trigger travel (Shadow 2)

      Single action triggers are adjustable to minimize pre-travel at the expense of the double action capability.

      Short reset disconnectors do the same while retaining the double action capability, but is not adjustable.

    • Trigger break (Shadow 2)

      Competition hammers have shallower hooks, reducing creep and allowing for a nice crisp break.

    • Ergonomics (Shadow 2)

      Changing the controls can tailor the pistol to your hand size and grip.

    • Reliability (Shadow 2)

      Some popular upgrades to cure reliability issues.

    • Magazine capacity...

      Popular upgrades for IPSC Standard Division.

    • Accuracy (Shadow 2)

      Not many options here.

      Most improvements are designed to make the gun easier to shoot.