End of line specials.

    End of line specials.

    Great prices on end-of-line products.

    Odd sizes, left handed holsters, discontinued products

    or just creating some space.

    End of line specials. There are 2 products.


    • Cajun Gunworks

      With Cajun Gunworks at the cutting edge of CZ performance product

      development, we usually have some older generation, but still

      top-class versions at excellent prices.

    • Left handed holsters

      We always strive to accommodate all shooters. That inevitably leaves
      us with mostly left handed holsters when we end a product line.
      Look here for excellent holsters at great prices.

    • Concealment Solutions

      Although we're still big fans of the Concealment Solutions range,

      a weak Rand has made them quite pricey so we're phasing them out.

      Grab one to get a top quality imported holster at a great price.

    • Toni System

      With the wide range of colour options that

      Toni is offering, continuous product upgrades

      mean that we will always have something Toni

      available at a great price!

    • VZ Grips

      G10 is one of the most durable grip materials available,

      and VZ is one of the most prominent brands using the material.

      Consolidating our product lines give you the opportunity to

      get your hands on this iconic brand at the best prices ever.

    • Hogue Powerspeed

      Level 2 retention holsters.

      Made in the USA.

    • Quantum Carry

      Quantum Carry is constantly updating

      their product line, making excellent quality

      discontinued models available at

      end-of-line prices.

    • CZ 100

      The CZ factory doesn't support
      these anymore.

    • CZ 83

      The CZ factory doesn't support

      these anymore.

    • CZ Kadet

      We are exciting the Kadet range.

    • CZ SP-01 Phantom

      This polymer CZ has been superseded

      by the P-09 and P-10

    • CZ 2075 Rami

      This little beauty has been superseded

      by the P-10S and P-10M

    Showing 1 - 2 of 2 items
    Showing 1 - 2 of 2 items