P-01 / Compact

    P-01 / Compact

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    • Holsters (CZ 75 Compact)

      Holsters for steel framed CZ 75 Compact models.

    • Holsters (P-01 / 75D...

      Holsters for the alloy framed Compacts. (P-01, PCR)

    • Sights (P-01 / Compact)

      Note that the standard rear sight on the P-01 Compact is 0.2mm lower than
      on a full size 75B. (This will be indicated by a #4 underneath the sight, while 
      the 75B will have a #5.) If the standard rear sight is retained, a standard 
      (5.5mm) front sight will keep everything constant. If the rear sight is replaced
      though, the pistol will require one size (0.25mm) higher front sight than 
      recommended for a 75B in the sight description.

    • Grips (CZ 75 Compact)

      Grips for compact CZ 75 models.

    • Magazine pouches (CZ...

      Magazine pouches for compact CZ models.

    • Magazines (CZ 75 Compact)

      Magazines and magazine components for compact CZ models.

    • Performance Parts...

      Performance parts for P-01 and Compact models.

    • Optics (P-01)

      Slide mounted optics are becoming more

      and more popular for sport and carry.