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    Although we are in the shooting equipment business, we have no illusions as to the importance of training and practice. Here we share some important insights that we developed during regular competitive shooting and training.

    • Stop the Bleed course
      Stop the Bleed course
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      We rarely take the time to consider something happening to us or our loved ones. Are we prepared or capable to address a life threatening wound?

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    • Shooting goals
      Shooting goals
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      In a decade of competitive shooting, I have seen lots of competitors rising quickly through the ranks, only to fade away when life gets in the way. Other competitors keep rising to amazing heights. The difference lies in personalised goals.

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    • The joy of shooting
      The joy of shooting
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      Everybody thinks the reward for improvement is medals, but that’s just half the story. Perfecting the boring stuff during practice can lead to some brilliant fun during competitions.

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    • How to survive a Close Quarter Attack
      How to survive a Close Quarter Attack
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      Two intensive days of close quarter combat training with Adrian Rosslee taught me a lot about myself.

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    • Handgun zero distance
      Handgun zero distance
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      Whenever I think about ballistics at handgun distances - usually when helping people with sight calculations - I think in terms of straight lines. Not because I don't understand the math, but because making the right simplifications can help us see the forest for the trees.

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    • Book Review - Parenting Champions
      Book Review - Parenting Champions
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      Olympic shooting champion Lanny Bassham followed his famous With Winning in Mind with Parenting Champions. Despite the title, I found the book applicable to everybody.

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