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    • Glock 43X and Glock 48 Review
      Glock 43X and Glock 48 Review
      277 Views Liked

      In part one of our three part series on the Slimline Glocks, Nigel Hulleman compared the Glock 43X and Glock 48, and the result was not what he expected.

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    • Eemann Ultimate Trigger Review
      Eemann Ultimate Trigger Review
      349 Views Liked

      Vindicated. That's how I felt when Eemann followed up their flat SA/DA trigger with a curved version ... and called it the Ultimate trigger.

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    • Handgun zero distance
      Handgun zero distance
      727 Views Liked

      Whenever I think about ballistics at handgun distances - usually when helping people with sight calculations - I think in terms of straight lines. Not because I don't understand the math, but because making the right simplifications can help us see the forest for the trees.

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    • Vortex Venom vs Viper
      Vortex Venom vs Viper
      638 Views Liked

      You may find it suprising that we sell three comparable Vortex Venoms for every Viper. I found it suprising that it wasn't more - The Venom is after all more of an all-rounder than the Viper. But our review shows that there is a good reason for the Viper's existence.

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    • First Impressions - Ghost Hydra
      First Impressions - Ghost Hydra
      940 Views Liked

      Ghost International launched its new Hydra competition holster in May and, three weeks later, I had mine completely stripped on my workbench. I didn't plan to strip it, I just wondered about this. Then that. Then it was all nuts-and-bolts.

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    • First impressions - Mepro Hyper-Bright sights
      First impressions - Mepro Hyper-Bright sights
      1141 Views Liked

      We compare the new Mepro Hyper-Bright day-and-night sights to the competition.

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    • First impressions - Competition trigger bar spring for CZ Shadow
      First impressions - Competition trigger bar spring for CZ Shadow
      1568 Views Liked

      My recent Facebook post about the new Eemann Tech competition trigger bar spring caused some serious discussions as to its applicability. Was it an answer to a question to nobody asked? So I decided to move forward my planned installed of this spring in my SP-01 Shadow for some first impressions.

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    • Ghost The One Evo is a step up
      Ghost The One Evo is a step up
      681 Views Liked

      Upgrading from a kydex-body holster to a speed holster, I found the setup and transition to a Ghost One competition holster to be quick and easy.

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    • Focus on Glock 19X
      Focus on Glock 19X
      1944 Views Liked

      The Glock 19X has some unique features that are worth exploring a bit.

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    • Sight Basics
      Sight Basics
      2105 Views Liked

      In the fight of your life, your ability to pick up your sights fast and effortlessly will allow you to focus on the dynamic aspects of the confrontation. I discuss the different sight types and their applications.

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    • Focus on Glock Gen5
      Focus on Glock Gen5
      1403 Views Liked

      Three years after the introduction of the Gen5, we are still excited to see new Gen5 accessories being released.

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    • The Evolution of IPSC Production Division Pistols
      The Evolution of IPSC Production Division Pistols
      4547 Views Liked

      I have always believed that our sport is about more than an off Saturday. We learn lessons and test ideas that we can implement in everyday life. The history if IPSC Production Division (like 'Production Divisions' in motorsport and a lot of other arenas) teaches us a lot about how complex systems adapt to artificial limitations.

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