Recoil Management (Gen 5)

    DPM fully adjustable system (Gen5)

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    Fully adjustable recoil reduction system for Glock Gen 5.

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    R1,525.00 tax incl.

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    A combination of four spring weights and inserts allows the user to adjust the force in battery  and total force independently.

    New Black Oxide Stainless Steel (BOSS) finish on externally visible parts.


    • Significant recoil reduction
    • Better control and greater accuracy
    • Slide and frame protection
    • Better double-tap concentration
    • Improved firing speed
    • Elilmination of jams
    • Faster follow up shots
    • No modification is required



    Glock 19 / 23 / 45 / 47

    (External & buffer springs)

    Glock 17 / 22 / 34 / 35

    (External spring & spacer)

    Slide in battery (closed)  
    Short External Spring8lb8lb (depending on spacer)
    Medium External Spring9lb9lb (depending on spacer)
    Long External Spring10lb10lb (depending on spacer)
    Slide fully open  
    Short Buffer Spring / Spacer17lb (approx)14lb (approx)
    Medium Buffer Spring / Spacer20lb (approx)18lb (approx)
    Long Buffer Spring / Spacer22lb (approx)20lb (approx)
    Competition (soft) loads Short spacer & short/medium spring
    Factory ammunition Medium spacer & medium/long spring
    Carry (+P+) ammunition Long spacer & long/medium spring
    Super soft loads / compsNo buffer spring