1. Welcome

    Welcome to Jizni! If you are new to our website, this is a good place to start.


    2. Get comfortable.

    Firstly, if you are browsing on your phone or tablet, try turning it on its side. Our layout in landscape mode is closer to the computer screen layout and actually a bit more compact in terms of the scrolling required. As you'll see, we aimed for a nice, clean layout that is quick to load and browse.


    Landscape view is actually more compact on a phone


    We are first and foremost an online store, so everything we stock is on here somewhere. Everything. And we sell quite a number of things. You could have quite a nice time exploring all the interesting things that people make for your pistol.


    3. Find your gun.

    Your second step would be to find your gun. Jizni specialises in selling top quality accessories from hand-picked manufacturers for handguns and semi-automatic rifles. This means that the vast majority of our products are platform-specific. Very specific. Let's take sights as an example. Most pistol brands use the same dovetail dimensions across their pistols, but heights tend to differ between pistol models. A small height difference can make a major impact in Point of Impact, so we at Jizni tend to be quite pedantic about such things.


    We are also fanatical about choices and options, so we have over a hundred different sights in stock. To make finding the correct sights for your pistol easier, we've grouped all our products per platform. So you need to follow the menus towards your specific model. Kind of like in the old days when you'd look at the catalogue in a library, or the index in a book. I have totally disabled the search function on the website. Trust me, I've seen the search terms that people were using, and it didn't bring them where they needed to be.


    The quickest way through the menu is the Categories menu down the left of your computer screen, or near the top of your phone screen. You can open up the categories by pressing on the + sign and click straight through. That's what we use ourselves when we need information. (Yes, the website is our first point of reference as well. It is carefully populated and fully up to date.)

    Jizni home page


    Oh yes, I should mention that we specialise in accessories for CZ, Glock, Smith & Wesson, AR-15 rifles and a little bit of Beretta. Basically popular, modern platforms that get used intensively enough to warrant a need for accessories and replacement spares.


    4. Find your accessory

    Under your weapon's category, you'll find a number of sub-categories. This is where the fun starts. Click on a category to see all the available products. These products typically cover the follow, per platform:

    • Holsters & competition rigs
    • Magazine pouches
    • Magazines & magazine bases
    • Grips & grip enhancements
    • Sights
    • Optics & optic bases
    • Magazine wells
    • Performance parts


    Shadow 2 Sub Categories

    If you are new to the game, start with holsters, magazines and magazine pouches. Oh, and of course a decent gun belt. Normal dress belts are simply not stiff enough to carry the weight of a gun. If you scroll further down on most pages, you should find related blog posts. This is where we share what we have learned over the years. We are regularly adding to these, and I would recommend checking in here from time to time.


    5. Visit our blog

    Blog topics cover technical advice (like Carry Basics above), training, maintenance and quick product reviews. If you found us in the search for a specific item, have a look at the technical blog category. Although we try and keep the articles short and to the point, the advice represents the latest accepted best practices, our own experience and that of talking to literally hundreds of clients. If you are just browsing, have a look at the training category. Although gear is our bread and butter, we understand the balance between training and gear very well and have experience at all levels of our respective sports. Our best clients are people who practice a lot, take good care of their equipment and understand the role that equipment play in their performance.


     Related blog posts in website Category


    While I've got your attention, and continuing on the topic of performance parts, these generally fall into one of three categories: ergonomics, recoil management and trigger quality. This is a subject all on its own, but it is worth noting that all of these have one aim in mind: making the gun easier to shoot. Modern guns are fine - plenty accurate and surprisingly reliable. Easier, however, means faster (for the same accuracy) and that is the name of the game with semi-auto firearms. But I digress. I should write a blog post about it.

    If you already know what you want, you can also use the manufacturer menu at the top of the page. Keep in mind that you may need to page through a lot of products that way.


    6. Find out more

    The type of products that we sell demand careful consideration and lots of information, so answering questions is core business at Jizni. Sometimes e-mails work better, and sometimes the telephone works better. Either case, we're waiting for your question. You can contact us through the following channels:

    • E-mail:
    • Phone: 012 004 0021
    • Facebook:
    • You may, of course, see us on the range as well. Please come and chat. (Just remember that when you see me running past an array of targets, forgetting to engage them, that the same thing might happen to any of the other good intentions I have on the day. Our official channels are really the way to go if follow-up is important.)
    • You are welcome to visit us to view products, or to collect an order. Since space is limited, prior arrangement is essential. (You'll understand when you get here.)


    7. Purchase something

    Yes, now you're getting it. Spend some money! The basics are simple:

    • The website is up to date with regards to price and availability. If want to confirm a price, please give us a call and we'll look it up on the website for you. :)
    • You'll have to create an account. Not only does it give us all the information we need, but it makes it easier for you to spend more money in future. If you're having problems, let us know.
    • The bulk of our orders are sent via couriers. It normally takes us a day or less to get it out of the door, and a day or two for the couriers to get it at yours. Shipping cost is a flat rate of R105.
    • You can pay with a card (Payfast) or into our bank account (EFT).
    • Before finalising your order, you'll be required to click the 'Final Checklist' box. This list covers most issues that cause problems after purchase.
    • All other vital information can be found from the top menu, or page footer.


    8. While you're waiting

    Have a look at our Gallery.



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