Magazine Bases (Gen 3)

    Vickers Magazine Floor Plate (Glock)

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    Magaine Floor Plate For Glock 9mm and .40 double stack magazines.

    Pack of 5.

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    Few people understand modern combat pistol craft like Larry Vickers. After countless hours behind the pistol, he understands what will fall short in a gun fight. The one small flaw that could ruin your day is the OEM magazine base pad. It’s undersized, and offers nothing should your empty magazine fail to drop free for a number of real world reasons. The VT Magazine Floor Plates are flared with grooved non-slip scallops for positive finger purchase. Stubborn magazines are easily extracted whether muddy, caked with ice or sand. Great for one handed reloads too..just hook magazine floor plate under your belt and extract quickly. Molded dimples allow for easy marking and numbering of magazines.

    Vickers Tactical Floor Plates also provide a larger, more positive surface when pulling magazines from pouches, speeding reloads.

    - Tough glass-filled nylon for superior impact resistance

    - Flared shape with grooved finger scallops offer plenty of grip

    Various colours.